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April 2023 Newsletter

April 2023 Newsletter

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Lakeland Fishing Report

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By Capt. Kris Smythe


Spring is here which brings warmer temperatures and a hot bite! April is a great month for Largemouth Bass as you can target them in a wide variety of ways. As the water temperature continues to warm up, most of the larger fish will likely have completed their spawning cycle and will begin to move offshore. However, there is a good chance for some late spawners, as well as quality fish staying shallow and taking advantage of the shad spawn. For those fish, shad colored swim jigs and spinnerbaits are a great way to cover water and search for those fish. Expect to take advantage of that bite early in the day up around shallow cover like Kissimmee grass and cypress trees. It is important to pay attention to the water surface as the shad will often give themselves away, whether they are laying their eggs, or being chased by predator fish.For the deeper fish, targeting offshore grass like hydrilla is an excellent way to not only catch numbers, but quality size as well, as post spawn females will stay in that grass to feed. Depending on the wind (which can be challenging this month), try a variety of baits in and around the hydrilla. With higher winds, more pronounced baits like chatterbaits and lipless crankbaits can be an excellent way to catch them. On calmer days, dragging a Texas rigged stickbait or trick worm with a 1/16 oz tungsten weight slowly over the grass can be killer for big bites.



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