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Lakeland Fishing Outfitters Tackle Shop

Lakeland Fishing Outfitters Tackle Shop

Welcome to Lakeland Fishing Outfitters, the newest and largest fishing tackle store in central Florida! Located on the stunning Lake Parker in Lakeland, FL, we boast an impressive selection of fishing gear that caters to a range of fishing styles. Whether you're a freshwater enthusiast, a saltwater veteran, or a fly fishing expert, you'll find our inventory to be comprehensive and diverse. We stock an extensive array of fishing tackle today, ensuring that every angler will find something that suits their unique needs.

Interestingly, our tackle shop is situated on the site of the first-ever Red Lobster restaurant, which adds a dash of historical significance to our location. This place is more than just a store - it's a sanctuary for all those who love fishing. It's a place where fishing enthusiasts can come together, share their experiences, and most importantly, find everything they need for their next fishing adventure. So, if you're an ardent angler or a fishing lover, Lakeland Fishing Outfitters is your ultimate haven.


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