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Z-Man StreakZ

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The Z-Man StreakZ 5” floating soft jerkbaits feature a pintail that comes alive with the slightest movement and will outlast any comparable baits on the market, thanks to their 10X Tough ElaZtech® durability!
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Mimicking a darting baitfish with uncanny realism, the soft, potbelly minnow design and thin pintail of the StreakZ™ will entice strikes from virtually every fresh- and saltwater species that swims. Super-durable ElaZtech® construction helps them withstand repeated strikes without tearing or having to be replaced, and their buoyancy allows them to be fished at all levels of the water column. Rig them weightless for a unique but subtle topwater presentation, with a ChinlockZ™ weighted hook for mid-depth presentations, or on a 4/0 HeadlockZ™ or 3/0 Swimbait Eye™ jighead for hopping on the bottom. A deep belly slot assists with easy rigging and solid hooksets.

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