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Z-Man NedlockZ HD Jighead

SKU: TTNL-0743
UPC: 897744001185
These Z-Man NedlockZ HD mushroom-shaped jigheads are built on heavy duty size 1 and 2 Mustad® hooks and loaded with primo features like an easy-to-rig ribbed split grip keeper, recessed hook eye, and chip-resistant finishes!
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Designed specifically for Midwest finesse Ned Rig applications around heavy cover or high current areas that call for stouter tackle, TT Lures® NedlockZ™ HD Jigheads are equipped with extra heavy-duty size 1 and 2 Mustad® UltraPoint® hooks that allow for heavier tackle and drag settings than standard light wire Finesse ShroomZ™ jigheads. Featuring a signature mushroom-shaped head preferred by finesse enthusiasts, a chip resistant finish, and innovative split keeper that easily rigs and holds both ElaZtech® and conventional soft plastics securely in place, they're the next breakthrough tool in Z-Man's incredibly popular Ned Rig lineup. Just add your favorite ElaZtech finesse bait, and hang on!

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