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Stick Jacket Casting Rod Cover

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Stick Jackets are a simple but quality mesh rod cover that protect against damage to rod and reels. These simple, plastic mesh rod covers slip easily on and off your rods, over guides, line, small lures and are resistant to mold, mild and rot. BARGAIN BA
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Stick Jacket Casting Rod Cover works well for a typical bass rod or light conventional rod measuring up to 7-1/2 long. It measures 5-1/2 feet long with a circumference of 5-1/8 (dia. 1-5/8).

Stick Jacket fishing rod covers prevent rod tangles and are easy to use. Their unique braided construction and wide expandability means easy on & off installation. They may be used over large line guides on fully rigged rods. Unlike cloth sheaths, barbed hooks are easily removed. Stick Jacket rod covers are great in boat rod lockers, rod storage tubes, in the back of your truck or going to and from the boat.

Stick Jacket fishing pole covers are made of a tough polyethylene filament that is virtually impervious to salt as well as resistant to mold and mildew. The braided materials behaves much like the old Chinese finger trapgripping your fishing rod for snug protection against unwanted damage to line guides, rod tips and blank.


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