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Spro Power Bucktail Zebra Glow

The Spro Power Bucktail Zebra Glow Jig pattern is designed to attract and land trophy fish. The bucktail hair skirt is made with a special glow material around a durable, sharp Gamakatsu hook.
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  • Zebra Glow Pattern Attracts Fish
  • Special Glow Material in the Skirt
  • Made for Catching Trophy Fish
  • Weight: 1 oz., 1 1/2 oz., 2 oz., and 3 oz. 
  • Gamakatsu NSB O'Shaughnessy 7/0 hook for sizes 1-1 1/2 oz.
  • Gamakatsu NSB O'Shaughnessy 8/0 hook for sizes 2-3 oz.

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