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Jack 3/8" sq. Cast Net

UPC: 780980653686
High Quality - High Value-Real Lead
This is the perfect value net! With a weight of 3/4lb of REAL lead (Not rubber coated steel like other brands) per foot, the Jack Cast Net is light enough for a beginner to learn. BARGAIN BAY SPECIAL. ALL SALES FINA
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Jack Cast Nets are the most economical and best value net on the market today! With real lead at 3/4 lbs. per foot and a 3/8" sq. bait mesh, this is the best cast net for children and beginners. Whether you are looking for fresh or saltwater baits, look no more than the Jack Cast Net!


  • Stretch Mesh: 3/4‚(3/8 sq)
  • Real lead at 3/4 LB per radius foot
  • Designed for catching bait (Sardines, Pilchards, Shiners)
  • Heavy 80 lb test braille lines to close net tightly
  • Instructions included
  • Quality material and workmanship
  • Mono Dia: 0.23mm
  • Clear mono color


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