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Fin-Nor 12/0 Sunglasses

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Fin-Nor lenses and frames are custom-designed and built for comfort and long-term durability to keep you fishing comfortably all day long. Our lenses decrease blue light transmission, keeping your sight clear when facing fog, haze, or the glaring sun. BA
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With 85 years at sea at its foundation, Fin-Nor has set its focus on redefining the sport of fishing by designing, engineering, and building the world’s most advanced fishing gear. The Historic 12/0 reel was the toughest two-speed of its time and the inspiration for many innovative reels to come.


Let's be honest—the ocean can be rough on gear. Keeping your lenses smudge and scratch free when battling against salt spray and sand is no easy feat. Which is why we've designed Fin-Nor sunglasses with enhanced abrasion resistance and hydrophobic coatings. With technology designed to withstand the elements anglers face every day, Fin-Nor sunglasses are the durable, scratch-free solution you need for all day fishing.


Fin-Nor sunglasses don't just feel great; they work great too. When searching for signs of underwater monsters, you need clear vision to give you a realistic view of what's happening beneath the surface. Our distortion-free lenses enhance sight without distorting vision, making it easier for your brain to quickly identify and process what is happening on and beneath the water. In addition, our lenses decrease blue light transmission, keeping your sight clear even when facing fog, haze, or the glaring sun.

  • Integrated spring hinge
  • Rubber nose pads
  • Rubber temple tips
  • Size: L-XL
  • Base curve: 8
  • A: 62 mm
  • B: 44 mm
  • DBL: 14 mm
  • Temple length: 125 mm


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